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  • Endless energy has never been easier.
    Endless energy has never been easier.
  • Solar Energy: Sustainable. Profitable. Incredible.
    Solar Energy: Sustainable. Profitable. Incredible.
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Commercial Solar

Can a business run on solar power? Commercial Solar

Why Solar?

Saving energy costs with business solar panel installation in Los Angeles Why Solar?

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation Company serving Los Angeles County residents & business owners. Solar Panel Installation

Residential Solar

Do you qualify for a solar credit Residential Solar

GH Solar: Your trusted Solar Company in Los Angeles

For many years, GH Solar has been providing residential solar panel installation and commercial solar power solutions to homeowners and business owners alike all across Los Angeles. From solar panel installation to solar financing, our dedication is to the bright, solar-powered future of our clients and customers. Our electricians are professionally trained, licensed, have undergone rigorous training and classroom-related study, and have a vast understanding of all LA County electric codes. Never pay for power again and help the environment by reducing the need for fossil fuels using solar power.

We offer a vast portfolio of proven solar solutions, including both 60-cell and 72-cell polycrystalline. Most solar panels are made with silicon, which is naturally photovoltaic (meaning it can make energy from sunlight). Monocrystalline silicon panels are most efficient, so they can make more energy in a smaller amount of space. In most cases, residential and commercial properties will have a Monocrystalline solar panel system installed.

GH Solar offers solar panel installation services, which increase your property value, to Los Angeles homes.GH Solar services the following areas:

  • Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles County
  • Ventura County
  • Orange County
  • Lancaster
  • Palmdale
  • Bakersfield and more!

Southern California Solar Power Services:

Residential Solar Panels: Reap the benefits of self-sufficient, sustainable, green energy like never before! In addition to seeing a skyrocket increase in the value of your property, your solar power system may be eligible for rebates by the California Solar Initiative for 15% of your system’s value. Excess energy can also be sold to electrical companies for a profit…all from an endless natural source. Harness the power of the sun in your home today!

There are many tax benefits & financial incentives for businesses who install solar power panels to their properties in Los Angeles, California.Commercial Solar Panels: Over the last decade, solar power has become a very profitable and popular choice for investors and business owners alike. Whether you are a large corporate company or a small business, solar energy may be a viable alternative to go green and turn a profit in the process. Concerned about hefty overhead costs? The Federal government offers a 30% tax credit to business owners who invest in a solar energy system, in addition to a 5% rebate offered on solar panel systems from the state of California. Green businesses and companies utilizing solar panels are widely regarded as leaders of their respected communities. Lead by example when you install a solar panel system for your business today!

Custom Solar Panel Design: For unique constructions that incorporate solar energy, consider a custom design for your special project. Solar panels can be manufactured, cut, and fitted to your exact specifications for commercial or residential use. Monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells are available, in addition to anodized frames, and glass sizes of varying thickness. Order your custom designed solar panel today!

Solar Panel Installation: Every month, you throw away money that you’ll never get back to electric companies that utilize costly and inefficient fuels to keep you going. The cost of a solar panel system is only a very small fraction of what you will pay for your electricity in the long run, making it incredibly profitable to invest in a solar panel installation today.

We are a Solar Power Company offering custom solar panel installation for homes & businesses in the Los Angeles County area.Solar Project Management: Working with a tight budget or heavy time constraints? From start to finish, solar project management is an excellent way to keep tabs on your time, money, and energy spent when it comes to your solar panel system and installation. Why keep track of your rate of absorption, excess energy amounts, and other maintenance work and data when you can have someone else manage it for you? Invest in a project management team when you book your solar panel installation today.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Keeping your solar power panels clean & maintained is extremely important. We have easy and simple to follow tips and guidelines that will help you keep your solar panels functioning properly for many years to come. We also offer professional solar panel washing services as well.

Looking to have solar panels installed?

Contact our solar power panel installation experts today for a free consultation: (800) 734-8820. We are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to solar power, our solar panel installation process, or about our solar panel financing options.